15 miles from Route 1 Scarborough. Further properties to be considered with added fuel fees.

Most customers can expect around 3-4 times a month, depending on the growth of your lawn during the summer months.

We accept most transaction options, and happy to work with you however you’d prefer.

In our initial free estimate walkthrough, we’ll take a look at the size and other elements around the yard you’d like taken care of.

We can absolutely put together a custom annual care package, taking only the things you want done into account

Absolutely not, Care Packages are simply to make our services a much more regulated cost and save you a little money in the long run.

With enough forewarning We can put together a new proposal for you to reflect those changes you’d like to make.

Yes. This service contract sets our expectations for possible accidents on site, when payments are due, correct contact information for you, things like that.

Within 15 days from the invoice date, past that will incur late fees.

Per project, we are happy to discuss what we could be capable of and what to expect.

While we need to have a service contract for each customer, your chosen services can be as frequent and varied as you need.

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